Medjugorje is currently one of the largest marian shrines in the world. By the Blessed Virgin Mary 24.06.1981. this place has become the destination of pilgrims from all over the world. The basic message of Medjugorje is peace. Each Pilgrim regularly visits the Parish Church of St. Jakova, Apparition Hill, Križevac, Sv. Franjo and Canacolo. The most significant events throughout the year are: Anniversary of the Appearance, Youth Festival, Grand Wedding celebration, Mass at Križevac, Easter celebration, Christmas and New Year.

Except for the anniversary of the apparitions, the periods of the Massive Visit of the Faithful are at the time of Easter, when the celebration of the first apparition through the procession called "Peace Walk" is celebrated, then the Feast of the Virgin Mary and the Birth of the Virgin. St. James's Church, built in 1969, is the center of various religious events, and behind it is the pathway leading to the Resurrection of the Savior, a statue that continually drips the sacred water. On the way to the Hut of the Apparitions 14 is the "Via Crucis" station where pilgrims stop in prayer


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