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Eternally murmurs the sea, the hard rock stays unchangeable in its place lasting for ever, the sun emanates its warmth over the beauty of this ancient city and its shores. Dubrovnik likewise seems to be eternal and rises like a Phoenix in front of its friends' eyes when they approach it hurrying from all the sides of the globe.

The city below Srd, its geographical and religious patron, a city of a unique beauty and harmony, spread out on the stone rocks and cliffs descending into the embrace of the sea and the waves, has been living and existing through its history in all these centuries up to the present days. Dubrovnik is an open-hearted city, simple and friendly when greeting any well-meaning visitor from any part of the globe. It is a city with narrow streets and high walls, but with an open horizon - like the horizons of the open sea - the sea that offered open roads in its long history. A part of the rich history has been carried over to the present day.

Source: http://www.dubrovnik.in

Picture: http://www.tzdubrovnik.hr


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